RIMMED® Aluminum Foil is the most practical way of storing, transporting and protecting your food. 

The RIMMED® Aluminum Foil Products, thanks to the high strength and quality of the aluminum alloy, maintain the taste and nutritional values at high and low temperatures of food by protecting it from light, oxygen, humidity and other external factors that cause oxidation and unpleasant aromas.

The use of RIMMED® Aluminum Foil ensures food freshness by retaining the juices and vitamins of food when baking in the oven.

The RIMMED® Company offers aluminum foil in thicknesses of 9 – 20 microns and in different widths ranging from 12, 14, 29, 30 to 45 cm depending on your needs and allowing it to be used in large kitchens, restaurants, pastry shops, fast-foods, hotel companies, hairdressers etc.