The “RIMMED®” Baking Paper is practical, non-sticky, resistant and ideal for cooking confectionery, biscuits, croissants, pies, pizza, meat and vegetables. There is no need for oil, butter or flour, as the food does not stick. “RIMMED®” Baking Paper does not absorb fat leaving the surfaces of baking trays clean. It is used in normal ovens, microwave ovens and fridges, by avoiding unwanted fridge odors. “Rimmed” Baking Paper is an international high quality product.


Baked stuffed mushrooms

For 17 mushrooms: 3 eggs, 200 gr of white cheese, salt and pepper Preparation: After removing the ends of the mushrooms with a spoon, we cleanse the interior. Fine cut the removed ends of the mushrooms and mix them with cheese and eggs. Add salt and pepper and stir well. We fill the mushroom heads with above mixture and put them in a pan prior to which we have placed Rimmed Baking Paper 

We bake them for 30 minutes at 220 degrees initially and then lower it to 180 degrees.