Aluminum Paper Products Rimmed®, thanks to the aluminum alloy with high resistance and quality, preserve the taste and nutritional values at high and low temperatures, protecting the food from light, oxygen, moisture and other external factors that cause oxidation and the formation of unpleasant aromas. Using Aluminum Foil Rimmed® ensures food freshness by preserving juices and vitamins during baking in the oven.

The company Rimmed®​ offers aluminum foil in different thicknesses, from 9-20 micron and in different widths, starting from 12,14,29,30 to 45 cm depending on your needs and making the aluminum foil of used in large kitchens such as restaurants, pastry shops, fast food, hotel companies, hairdressers, etc.

The Plastic Membrane, thanks to its elastic structure, allows food to stay fresh and stored in a hygienic environment by preventing the interaction of food with air. It allows the circulation of oxygen by
preserve the aroma and freshness of fruits and vegetables inside and outside the refrigerator.
Our plastic membrane, which is used for packaging and storing food safely, does not contain elastic boosters and harmful substances.
Plastic microwave membranes are a safe and practical solution for reheating and serving food, evacuate excess water vapor thanks to its porous structure

Rimmed® baking paper is practical to use, non-stick, durable and is ideal for baking cakes, cookies, croissants, pies, pizzas, wrapping meat before baking and oven vegetables. There is no need to use oil, butter or flour, as the food does not stick.

Rimmed® baking paper does not absorb grease leaving the surfaces of ovens and pans clean. It is used in normal ovens, microwave ovens as well as in the refrigerator, avoiding unwanted refrigerator odors.

Rimmed® Baking Paper is an international high quality product.