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Rimmed® LLC was established in 2017 as a production line of auxiliary kitchen products such as Aluminum Foil, Plastic Membrane and Baking Paper and at the same time importer and distributor of many food and industrial goods. Within a short time, the company Rimmed® LLC managed to radically penetrate the local market, becoming a Leader in the products of Aluminum Paper, Plastic Membrane and Baking Paper thanks to the correctness and quality of the products.

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Rimmed® for more than 6 years on the market.

History and purpose of Rimmed®

In the year 2021 The Rimmed® company expands its production line with the production of Cellulose products, Kitchen Paper, Toilet Paper as well as Paper Napkins for family and professional use such as HORECA. This year, Rimmed® begins the production of Adhesive Tape for industrial use. Adhesive tape is produced in sizes 42-50mm in BOPP material and in 3 colors, transparent yellow, transparent white and brown. Also this year, Rimmed® opens as its branch the production of paper cups, a 100% ecological and 100% recyclable product. The sizes of the cups we produce are 2.5oz, 3oz, 4oz, 7oz, 8z. Meanwhile, our innovation is also the production of the Soup Bowl in 16oz size and the paper lid for it.
In the year 2022 Rimmed® begins with the production of cardboard tubes for industrial use by paper, plasma, food packaging, etc. factories. This line offers a variety of sizes with ID from 30-76mm, length from 15cm-3m and weight according to customer requirements. Also this year Rimmed® opens as its branch the production of cleaning sticks in cotton and microfiber materials. The sizes of the sticks are different depending on the requirements of the customers in both the domestic and the Professional HORECA line.
Thanks to the export, our products are now found not only in the countries of the region and Europe but also in the USA, thus increasing the value of the products produced in Albania.

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Rimmed® is an international registered trademark.

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To work honestly to offer quality products that improve the consumer's life, to contribute to a better quality of life for our employees and partners and to make Rimmed® an international brand.

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Our main focus is quality so your ideal solution is Rimmed®.

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For years we have been the market leader in quality, bringing the best at economical prices.

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The products we produce are hygienic and 100% ecological.

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The growth of a business is greatly influenced by the quality of the products it uses, from our national and international collaborations we have realized that Rimmed® products are among the most popular products by consumers and this creates a direct increase in your customers, we are ready to cooperate with anyone.

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