Aluminum Rimmed® tubs (with and without lids) are of different models and shapes, making them ideal for transportation, storage,ngrohjen dhe shërbimin e ushqimit.
Aluminum tubs are 100% recyclable and this recycling means using 95% less energy compared to the production of raw material, which makes aluminum a very ecological material. Aluminum tubs allow a high thermal conductivity, high heat resistance, 100% protection against light, grease, water,oxygen and CO2.
They are completely hygienic, protect the spread of microbes and do not interact with food.

Save time with the Rimmed® gas cylinder! It offers you quality, maximum security and ease of use! It lasts a long time and has no scent during use.

Enjoy coffee with the peace of mind you need every morning.

The Rimmed® plastic mop is the ideal product to meet all your indoor and outdoor cleaning needs.
Designed to make possible the complete cleaning of the tightest and most difficult to reach corners and places.

Rimmed®- Embrace Quality!

Fill the bag with water or any other type of liquid that can freeze through the tunnel of the ice bag. Tear the bag at the top. Then tie the bag tightly and put it in the refrigerator. Once the liquid has become ice you can remove it from the ice pack.

  • Width (cm): 18.5
  • Length (cm): 33


Rimmed® Microfiber Cleaning Towels give a new perspective in the field of cleaning and hygiene. They consist of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Thanks to their absorbent capacity, they remove large amounts of microbes without using chemicals. Microfiber Cleaning Towels have the property of drying quickly, making it difficult for bacteria to grow on them. They can be used to clean any type of surface, such as floors, windows, electrical appliances, etc. Your home will shine and cleanliness will last longer after using Microfiber Towels.

Thanks to Slider Bags and Zipper Bags from Rimmed®, you can keep food fresh and organized in your fridge.

Practical, simple and ideal in use. Zipper and Slider Bags come in two different sizes: 1 and 3 L

Try them and we assure you that you will use them every possible day.

Rimmed® toothpicks are made of 100% bamboo material, making them ideal for oral hygiene use.

Dental pins are a quick alternative in the absence of dental floss. Their strong but harmless tip helps to remove particles of food residue from the teeth after each meal.
They are designed to get into those places in the mouth that fragile brushes cannot reach.
Rimmed toothpicks are an indispensable convenience in our everyday life.

RED pencils are water resistant. They also come in packs of 10 boxes.

The easy way to light your fire. 

Rimmed® Plastic Pipes are here to make your drinks more refreshing and to provide you with the most practicality in drinking juices and coffees in your everyday life. Rimmed pipes come to you in a variety of colors, models and materials.

Starting from the simplest ones, continuing with plastic pipes covered with paper, to ensure sterility in serving our drinks, up to ecological paper pipes that already make it possible to protect the environment.

With the softest cotton on the tip than any other pin, Rimmed® Cotton Pins make cleaning small areas easier, they are perfect for external cleaning of ears, noses, navel cleaning, nail polish removal, applying makeup, handicrafts and many other functions.

They consist of a high quality 100% pure cotton.

Plastic Rimmed® tubs (with and without lids) are of different models and shapes, making them ideal for transporting, storing and serving food.

Plastic tubs are 100% recyclable and this recycling means using 95% less energy compared to the production of raw material, which makes plastic a very ecological material. Plastic tubs allow a high thermal conductivity, high resistance to heat.

They are completely hygienic, protect the spread of microbes and do not interact with food.
Canye®- Kills and Protects
Mosquitoes, in addition to causing painful and itchy bites, can also lead to dangerous and fatal diseases such as malaria.
If you are wondering how you can get rid of mosquitoes, Canye® is here to protect you and your family.
Canye® comes to you in the most practical form possible. All you have to do is have a Canye® device that you can use with the tablets or refill liquids and you will be protected for a full 480 hours.
Get the best protection with CANYE®
LED Bulb Rimmed® lamps are among the best quality lamps on the Albanian market. Thanks to the LED diodes, the lamp reaches full brightness immediately without heating delays. LED Bulb lamps have a lifespan many times higher than ordinary fluorescent lamps. Frequent switching off and on of the lamp does not reduce its lifespan. Save 90% of electricity by using LED lamps. Ordinary lamps contain mercury inside them, requiring a special treatment after burning, this risk does not exist in LED lamps.
LED lamps do not produce UV rays, they shine equally at low temperatures and at high temperatures. Rimmed® offers LED lamps with warm light (yellow light) and cold light (white light).

Rimmed® trash bags are very full and strong, which makes them extremely durable.

They are useful as they do not allow liquids to drip.

Rimmed®- Your Best Choice!

1) Manual film - it is characterized by a high flexibility and resistance ensuring the wrapping of sharp products without cutting or tearing. It is very easy to use, requiring only a minimal pull during application. It provides protection from rain and strong winds by maximally protect the product.

Thickness 23 MY/Weight as per customer requirements

2) The film for the machine - ensures the packaging of the pallets with the help of the wrapping machine. The film is resistant to tearing, preserves and fixes the pallet during transport. Its transparency allows the identification of the product and the barcodes placed on the pallet.

Thickness 23 MY/Weight 16kg/roll



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