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Rimmed® SHPK was established as a branch of an existing business, DEMIR DURAJ, located in the area of Fieri. 

The DEMIR DURAJ Company was established in 1993 and was based on the wholesale trade of the most well-known domestic and foreign brands of food and industrial products as well as their distribution. Several years later it also started importing some well-known brands of food and industrial products.

RIMMED® SHPK was established in 2017 as a production line of auxiliary food products, such as aluminum foil, cling film and baking paper, and simultaneously an importer and distributor of food and industrial goods. Within a short time, RIMMED® SHPK managed to dig into the domestic market and become a leader in aluminum foil, cling film and baking paper due to the correctness and quality of the products. Thanks to exportation, our products are already found in nearby countries by increasing the value of products produced in Albania.

OUR GOAL: To work honestly to provide quality products that improve our consumers lives and contribute to a better quality of life for our employees and partners.

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